ACT III SCENE I Lines 48 to 60

KENT (original) No, do not. For confirmation that I am much more
Than my out-wall, open this purse, and take
What it contains. If you shall see Cordelia,--
As fear not but you shall,--show her this ring;
And she will tell you who your fellow is
That yet you do not know. Fie on this storm!
I will go seek the king.
KENT (trans.) No, Don’t. So that you know I am more important than I look, open this purse and take what is inside. If you see Cordelia—I’m pretty sure you will—show her this ring. Then, she will tell you who I am. I hate this storm! But I’ll go find the King.

GENTLEMAN (orig.) Give me your hand: have you no more to say?
GENTLEMAN (trans.) Let’s handshake before you do. Do you have anything more to say?

KENT (original) Few words, but, to effect, more than all yet;
That, when we have found the king,--in which your pain
That way, I'll this,--he that first lights on him
Holla the other.
KENT (trans.) A few words only, but they are important. I’ll tell you when we find the king. First, you go this way and I’ll go this way. The one that finds the King first should call the other.

Exit in opposite directions.

THE ABOVE was done by Jaeho and Phoebe