The following section by Joon Hong and John Park

[Enter EDMUND, and CURAN meets him]

EDMUND (original): Save thee, Curan.
EDMUND (translation): How are you, Curan?

CURAN (original):And you, sir. I have been with your father, and
given him notice that the Duke of Cornwall and Regan
his duchess will be here with him this night.
CURAN (translation): Good. I’ve been with your father and told him that the underboss Cornwall and Regan will be here tonight.

EDMUND (original):How comes that?
EDMUND (translation): Why are they coming?

CURAN (original): Nay, I know not. You have heard of the news abroad;
I mean the whispered ones, for they are yet but
ear-kissing arguments?
CURAN (translation): I don’t know. Have you heard the rumors? None of them are definite of course.

EDMUND (original): Not I pray you, what are they?
EDMUND (translation): No. Tell me.

CURAN (original):Have you heard of no likely wars toward, 'twixt the
Dukes of Cornwall and Albany?
CURAN (translation): Did you hear that the underbosses Cornwall and Albany could hit the mattresses soon?

EDMUND (original): Not a word.
EDMUND (translation): No.

CURAN (original): You may do, then, in time. Fare you well, sir.
CURAN (translation): You will hear about it soon. Good bye.


EDMUND (original): The duke be here to-night? The better! best!
This weaves itself perforce into my business.
My father hath set guard to take my brother;
And I have one thing, of a queasy question,
Which I must act: briefness and fortune, work!
Brother, a word; descend: brother, I say!
[Enter EDGAR]
My father watches: O sir, fly this place;
Intelligence is given where you are hid;
You have now the good advantage of the night:
Have you not spoken 'gainst the Duke of Cornwall?
He's coming hither: now, i' the night, i' the haste,
And Regan with him: have you nothing said
Upon his party 'gainst the Duke of Albany?
Advise yourself.
EDMUND (translation): The underboss is going to be here tonight? That’s great! This fits perfectly into my plan. My father has already set up guards to arrest my brother. I only have one more risky think to do. I just need to work quickly and some luck. Edgar! Come down.
[Enter EDGAR]
Father’s looking for you. You need to run. People know you are hiding here. Go now when the night can hide you. Did you say anything bad about the underboss of Cornwall? He’s on his way here, with Regan. Did you say anything against Cornwall or Albany? Think!

EDGAR (original): I am sure on't, not a word.
EDGAR (translation): I’m sure I haven’t said anything.

EDMUND (original): I hear my father coming: pardon me:
In cunning I must draw my sword upon you
Draw; seem to defend yourself; now quit you well.
Yield: come before my father. Light, ho, here!
Fly, brother. Torches, torches! So, farewell.
[Exit EDGAR]
Some blood drawn on me would beget opinion.
[Wounds his arm]
Of my more fierce endeavour: I have seen drunkards
Do more than this in sport. Father, father!
Stop, stop! No help?
EDMUND (tranaslation): I can hear father coming. I’m sorry. I have to draw my sword. You too. Pretend to defend yourself. Surrender! Show yourself before my father. Bring some torches! Run, brother. Torches, Torches! Good bye.
[Exit EDGAR]
I should cut myself to make myself more convincing.
[Wounds his arm]
I’ve seen drunks do worse to themselves for fun. Father, Father! Stop, Stop! Anyone there?

[Enter GLOUCESTER, and Servants with torches]

GLOUCESTER (original): Now, Edmund, where's the villain?
GLOUCESTER (translation): Edmund, where’s that son of a bitch?

EDMUND (original):Here stood he in the dark, his sharp sword out,
Mumbling of wicked charms, conjuring the moon
To stand auspicious mistress,--
EDMUND (translation): He was here, in the dark with his sword drawn; cursing, and asking for the gods' favor.

Following section was translated by Nicole Kim and JungHee Lee
ACT II SCENE I: Gloucester’s castle.

p. 28

GLOUCESTER (original):
But where is he?
GLOUCESTER (translation):
Where the hell is he?

EDMUND (original):
Look sir, I bleed.
EDMUND (translation):
Look, dad! I’m fucking bleeding!

GLOUCESTER (original):
Where is the villain, Edmund?
GLOUCESTER (translation):
Where is Edmund, that son of a bitch!

EDMUND (original):
Fled this way, sir. When by no means he could--
EDMUND (translation):
He went that way. He was---

GLOUCESTER (original):
Pursue him, ho! Go after.
Exeunt some Servants
By no means what?
GLOUCESTER (translation):
Catch him! Follow him!
(servants run after)
He was what?

EDMUND (original):
Persuade me to the murder of your lordship;
But that I told him, the revenging gods
'Gainst parricides did all their thunders bend;
spoke, with how manifold and strong a bond
the child was bound to the father; sir, in fine,
seeing how loathly opposite I stood
to his unnatural purpose, in fell motion,
with his prepared sword, he charges home
my unprovided body, lanced mine arm:
but when he saw my best alarum'd spirits,
bold in the quarrel's right, roused to the encounter,
or whether gasted by the noise I made,
fell suddenly he fled.
EDMUND (translation):
He tried to convince me to kill you. I told him over my dead body! Because I’m on your side! I oppose to all that shit. I’m your son!
When my guards were loose, he slashed my arm!
But when he saw that I was ready to fight back, or when I screamed for help, he fled.

GLOUCESTER (original):
Let him fly far:
not in this land shall he remain uncaught;
and found--dispatch. The noble duke my master,
my worthy arch and patron, comes to-night:
by his authority I will proclaim it,
that he which finds him shall deserve our thanks,
bringing the murderous coward to the stake;
he that conceals him, death.
GLOUCESTER (translation):
Just let the bastard get lost. I’ll put him up on every wanted sign on this land, and, if found, kill him!
The duke is coming tonight, and by his authority, I’ll put a reward on his fucking head—a reward to anyone who brings the fucking murderer to me.
But, if anyone tries to hide him, I will kill him, too.

EDMUND (original):
When I dissuaded him from his intent,
and found him pight to do it, with curst speech
I threaten'd to discover him: he replied,
'thou unpossessing bastard! dost thou think,
if I would stand against thee, would the reposal
of any trust, virtue, or worth in thee
make thy words faith'd? No: what I should deny, --
as this I would lay, though thou didst produce
my very character, -I'Id turn it all
to thy suggestion, plot, and damned practise:
and thou must make a dullard of the world,
if they not thought the profits of my death
were very pregnant and potential spurs
to make thee seek it.'
EDMUND (translation):
I tried to persuade him not to do this shit, but he just wouldn't listen. In fact, he just cursed at me. He said, “You son of a bitch! Do you think that anyone will believe the words of son of a whore!? No, I don’t think so! With my reputation, I’ll say that you planned this whole murder against your father! But do you still insist on making fool out of yourself? People certainly are going to realize your reasons for killing me!"

GLOUCESTER (original):
Strong and fasten'd villain
would he deny his letter? I never got him.
Tucket within
Hark, the duke's trumpets! I know not why he comes.
All ports I'll bar; the villain shall not 'scape;
the duke must grant me that: besides, his picture
I will send far and near, that all the kingdom
may have the due not of him; and of my land
loyal and natural boy, I'll work the means
to make thee capable.
GLOUCESTER (translation): 
That brave little bitch.
Will he insist he didn’t write this letter? I never understood him
(puts letter back into his pocket)
Listen, the duke is coming, although I don’t know why.
The duke will grant me the right to block all the ports so that the bitch won’t escape!
And I’ll post his pictures here and there so that everyone in the kingdom will know him.
And as for you, Edmund, I will give Edgar’s Edgar’s inheritance to you.