ACT V SCENE I The British camp, near Dover.

Line 1
The British camp, near Dover.
Enter, with drum and colours, EDMUND, REGAN, Gentlemen, and Soldiers

Edmund, Regan, gentlemen and soldiers enter with drum and flags.

Know of the duke if his last purpose hold,
Or whether since he is advised by aught
To change the course: he's full of alteration
And self-reproving: bring his constant pleasure. 5
To a Gentleman, who goes out

Go and find out where the duke is
and whether his decision was changed or not;
he is capricious and always outguesses.
Come back with his final decision.

Gentleman goes out

Our sister's man is certainly miscarried.

My sister’s servant has certainly failed to do his job.

'Tis to be doubted, madam.

I’m afraid that he has, madam.

Now, sweet lord, You know the goodness I intend upon you:
Tell me--but truly--but then speak the truth, 10
Do you not love my sister?

Anyway, sweet lord, you know I much I care about you:
Tell me honestly; are you in love with my sister?

In honour'd love.

In an honorable love.

REGAN (original)
But have you never found my brother's way
To the forfended place?

But have you ever crawled into
my brother-in-law’s bed to sleep with her?

That thought abuses you.

That’s an abusive thought.

I am doubtful that you have been conjunct
And bosom'd with her, as far as we call hers.

I am worried that you had sex with her
and became close to her.

No, by mine honour, madam.
No, I swear my honor, madam.

I never shall endure her: dear my lord,
Be not familiar with her.

I can never endure her, dear my lord;
Don’t get close to her.

Fear me not: She and the duke her husband!

Don’t worry; your sister, her husband, and duke are coming.

Enter, with drum and colours, ALBANY, GONERIL, and Soldiers (original)

ALBANY, GONERIL, and soldiers enter with Drum and flags, (translated)

Aside Should loosen him and me.

(to herself) She can’t disrupt our relationship between me and Edmund.

Our very loving sister, well be-met.
Sir, this I hear; the king is come to his daughter, 25
With others whom the rigor of our state
Forced to cry out. Where I could not be honest,
I never yet was valiant: for this business,
It toucheth us, as France invades our land,
Not bolds the king, with others, whom, I fear, 30
Most just and heavy causes make oppose.

It’s good to see you, my sister-in-law.
And Don, I heard that the Godfather has joined with his daughter
and others who showed discontent with the current situation.
I never bravely stood up for the things that I didn’t support
with my whole heart. However, for this matter,
I became quite worried because France invaded our land,
not because of Don Lear, or others who may have just reasons to oppose us.

Don, you speak nobly.

You are absolutely right, Don.

Why is this reason'd?

Why is he right?

Combine together 'gainst the enemy;
For these domestic and particular broils 35
Are not the question here

We should combine our forces together
against the enemy; our domestic
and little quarrels are not the question here.

Let's then determine
With the ancient of war on our proceedings.

Let’s then discuss with our commanders what we should do.

I shall attend you presently at your tent.

I will meet you at your tent.

Sister, you'll go with us?

Sister, are you coming with us?



'Tis most convenient; pray you, go with us.

It’s the best way for everyone; please, go with us.

As they are going out, enter EDGAR disguised.

(to herself)
As they are going out, Edgar enters with his disguised looks.
The above done by Frances and Ivory

The following section by Joon and Phoebe
ACT V SCENE I Lines 43-77

EDGAR (original): If e’er your grace had speech with man so poor,
Hear me one word.
EDGAR (translation): If you’ve ever talked with a man as poor as me, then listen to me.

ALBANY (original): I’ll overtake you. Speak.
ALBANY (translation): I’ll catch up later after I talk to this guy. Go ahead.

[Exeunt all but ALBANY and EDGAR]
[Exit all but ALBANY and EDGAR]

EDGAR (original): Before you fight the battle, open this letter.
If you have victory, let the trumpet sound
For him that brought it: wretched though I seem,
I can produce a champion that will prove
What is avouched there. If you miscarry,
Your business of the world hath so an end,
And machination ceases. Fortune love you.
EDGAR (translation): Before you fight, read this letter. If you win, then sound the trumpets to let me know. I might look like shit, but I swear I can live up to my claims in the letter. If you fail, then the plan is off. God bless.

ALBANY (original): Stay till I have read the letter.
ALBANY (translation): Stay till I’ve read the letter.

EDGAR (original): I was forbid it.
When time shall serve, let but the herald cry,
And I’ll appear again.
EDGAR (translation): I’m not allowed to. When it’s the right time, send the signal and I’ll come back.

ALBANY (original): Why, fare thee well: I’ll o’erlook thy paper.
ALBANY (translation): Alright then, good-bye. I’ll read your letter.

[Exit EDGAR]
[Re-enter EDMUND]

EDMUND (original): The enemy’s in view; draw up your powers.
Here is the guess of their true strength and forces
By diligent discovery; but your haste
Is no urged on you.
EDMUND (translation): The enemy’s in sight. Get your soldiers ready. This is intelligence we've gathered on the enemy troops. Now, you’ve got to hurry.

ALBANY (original): We will greet the time.
ALBANY (translation): We’ll be on time.

EDMUND (original): To both these sisters have I sworn my love;
Each jealous of the other, as the stung
Are of the adder. Which of them shall I take?
Both? One? Or neither? Neither can be enjoy’d,
If both remain alive: to take the widow
Exasperates, makes mad her sister Goneril;
And hardly shall I carry out my side,
Her husband being alive. Now then we’ll use
His countenance for the battle; which being done,
Let her who would be rid of him devise
His speedy taking off. As for the mercy
Which he intends to Lear and to Cordelia,
The battle done, and they within our power,
Shall never see his pardon; for my state
Stands on me to defend, not to debate.
EDMUND (translation): I’ve sworn my love to both the sisters. Each are jealous of the other; like venomous snakes. Which shall I take? Both? One? Or Neither? I can’t enjoy either one. If they both live through this, I’ll take the widow. But that would drive her sister, Goneril, crazy. Still, with her husband alive I can’t be with her. For now, I’ll use his name to win the war. After that, any one of the sisters can dispatch of Albany. Albany wants to show mercy towards Lear and Cordelia, but once they’re my prisoners, they won’t live to see it. In my position, I have to take action, not debate.