[Translation by Christina, Cindy and Olivia]

Enter GONERIL, and OSWALD, her steward
Enter GONERIL, and OSWALD, her secretary


Did my father strike my gentleman for chiding of his fool?
Did my dad hit my guard for blowing up his fool?


Yes, madam.
Yeah, ma'am.


By day and night he wrongs me;
Everyday my dad pisses me off.

every hour / He flashes into one gross crime or other, / That sets us all at odds:
He is a pain in the ass and every time he does something stupid to make us argue.

I'll not endure it:
I'm not taking this anymore!

His knights grow riotous, and himself upbraids us / On every trifle.
His bodyguards are growing uncontrollable! And he scolds on every little thing!

When he returns from hunting, / I will not speak with him; say I am sick:
When he comes back from hunting, I'm not going to talk to him. Just tell him I'm sick.

If you come slack of former services, / You shall do well; the fault of it I'll answer.
If you get scolded for your disservices, don't worry, I'll take care of it.


He's coming, madam; I hear him.
(GASP) I think i hear him coming!

Horns within
Doorbell rings within


Put on what weary negligence you please,/ You and your fellows;
You and your friends be as careless as you want.

I'll have it come to question: / If he dislike it, let him to our sister,
If he gets angry wit you, I'll send him to Regan

Whose mind and mine, I know, in that are one, / Not to be over-ruled.
We share the same feelings. If we're together, he can't do anything.

Idle old man, / That still would manage those authorities / That he hath given away!
Who does he think he is to take in charge what he gave away?!

Now, by my life, / Old fools are babes again; and must be used / With cheques as flatteries,--when they are seen abused.
Now the old fool is a little child again. Whenever they feel they're neglected, you just need to feed them some cash and adulation.

Remember what I tell you.
Don't forget this.


Well, madam.
Okay, ma'am.


And let his knights have colder looks among you;
Piss off his bodyguards.

What grows of it, no matter; advise your fellows so:
Doesn't matter what happens. Make your friends do the same.

I would breed from hence occasions, and I shall,
I want these things to happen frequently, and I will, oh yes, I will.

That I may speak: I'll write straight to my sister, / To hold my very course. Prepare for dinner.
Talking about that, I'll text my sister to do the same. Prepare dinner.